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Malcolm Beauregard Reynolds ([personal profile] badinlatin) wrote2010-06-15 07:57 pm

Father and Son.

Mal immediately came back from Milliways after he spoke with his mother - she sat on this for an entire day - and goes to the bridge, having Wash dial the code and hissing a quick "Just do it" when the pilot tries to ask questions.

The first cogent thought after the voice filters through the air is that he sounds the same.

"Reynolds Contracting Services."

"You're not terrible subtle, Mr. Reynolds," Mal starts, more aggressive than he should be but he can hear his heart pounding in his ears. "There are easier ways to contact me."

"And you should not be referring to me so formally, but we both do what we can. If you want the job we need to meet."

"And if you want to meet you need to tell me about the job. I'm assuming you're on a planet I can't show my face on to most folk."

"I am, but I can get a shuttle where needs be. Where are you?"

Mal ignores the question and starts tapping furiously into Wash's navigation system - he's going to have a lot more explaining to do than he'll like, but his finger circles a moon that's in apogee nearby. "Meet me here. Three days."

"I will." After a pause long enough to make Mal think the line's gone dead except for a shaking head from Wash, "Until then, son."

Beau hangs up first.

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