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Malcolm Beauregard Reynolds ([personal profile] badinlatin) wrote2014-07-20 07:50 pm

Job: Dyton Colony

Jayne complains all morning about Mal's desire to go on the job alone. Mal defends the decision with his usual eloquent manner.

"On account o' I said so, bù guăn nĭshì fŏu xĭ huān. Cope with it."

"Grumpy." Jayne stomps off with his usual lack of subtlety. Fair enough, Mal thinks, heading towards Shuttle Two.

It feels good to be on a job, even one so simplistic as this. Land the shuttle, walk into town, meet with the contact to pick up the keycard that will let him into the back of the supply wagon. Pick it up while the driver is on break for food, unload into the shuttle. Easy peasy. It's even quiet during the whole activity - no orders to give, no skins to save.

But then the driver doesn't stay at the bar for a second round of drinks, and it's driving the supply wagon into the dust and the tumbleweeds with the driver on a commandeered horse, laser pistol blasts whizzing by. Mal twists roughly to lay down some fire of his own - can't reload, gorram - and careens off the road with the horse's sage decision to get out of the line of fire.

The force of the jump between the road and the gutter flings Mal out of the driver's seat, landing on his back and shoulder with a solid crunch. He immediately slumps, playing possum. The wagon driver dismounts, coming to inspect the presumably-unconscious --

Mal rolls onto his back, large chunk of rock in his hand pelted at the driver's head. He slumps to the ground as Mal stands, stripping the driver of his laser pistol and on a whim, his ident and credit account cards.

The unloading of the wagon gets difficult - landing on the road did more to him than just knocking the air out of his lungs, apparently - but Mal manages without pulling his shoulder out even more.

Flying back to Serenity, Inara is the first person he sees.

"Why did you not take anyone with you?" Irritation barely masking worry.

Grim-faced, Mal still takes a moment to kiss Inara on the apple of her cheek. "Weren't needed. Been a thief a long time before I had a crew, remember?"

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