badinlatin: (redshirt)
Malcolm Beauregard Reynolds ([personal profile] badinlatin) wrote2014-07-24 04:33 pm

Job: Beylix

This could have gone better.

The bullet graze on his bicep is bleeding pretty impressively, but Mal still has all sensation in his forearm, so he's not worried. He even smiles a bit, firing off one round - two - three, all in the direction of the lawmen pursuing him. One bullet blows the lead tire of a motorbike behind him which launches the rider up and over like so much dead weight. Should wear a helmet, jackass.

It's more luck than Mal admits that he makes it up the cargo bay ramp before the lawmen manage another decent shot. The take is still on the mule - wrapped up and sealed, all the protein of the rainbow - and Mal doesn't even inspect it. He barks to River to take off, and he heads to Milliways before anyone manages to talk to him.

He's got a new shirt and a couple glasses of bourbon in him before he comes home.

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