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Aluthra and her novice Damiri are waiting very patiently, unlike two guests standing by her side behind the heavy curtains seperating the docking bay awaiting Serenity's approach.

"You look gorgeous, Sallie. No worries," the young blonde said for the thousandth time to the older woman, who looked like she was about to go before judge and jury. Sallie did look very fine; the makeup that the younger woman - Lilly, from their conversation earlier - had done up for Sallie suited her very well.

Sallie had asked as nicely as she knew how to see her son once they had arrived about twenty minutes ago; once the ceremony participants arrive however, they are kept apart from the witnesses until after the presentation. When Aluthra informed the pair that Serenity, which currently was registered to land under the name Tranquility, would be arriving momentarily, Sallie and Lilly were on Aluthra's heels as she walked to greet the newcomers on their platform.

The cargo bay door lowers, and Aluthra bows deeply to the disembarking crew members. Damiri stays behind the house priestess while Sallie and Lilly walk toward the ship with that the Companion can only assume to be very smirking grins.
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It's been a quiet day on the Reynolds ranch, even though Sallie feels more tired than usual.

Gettin' old, there, Sal.

She had just hired two new hands a week ago, and already Sallie feels like she doesn't need to keep an eye on them every second; they know their way around the land, and usually finished their work early. Sallie likes to tell herself that its because of her cooking that she always offers when they come to the house announcing their departure for the day, even though she knows it's just to pick up the day's pay. That doesn't change the grateful smile Sallie enjoys elliciting through pie.

This is possibly why, at the heavy rapping on her door, Sallie moves to answer it with two slices of sweet potato pie balanced on a plate in her hand.
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Mal and Simon have business to attend to. Business he's put off for a bit too long, but that can't be helped now.

Mal walks to Crowley's comm station and dials to the Reynolds ranch.

"What's been takin' you so gorram long, Malcolm?"

"Aren't you in a good mood today, Ma." Mal can't help smiling.

"I was supposed to be meetin' your buyer today, weren't I? Where is he?"

"Right here, Ma." Mal gestures for someone to come into view of the vidfeed.

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Mal's comm beeps. Wash is forwarding a wave down to his bunk, and Mal already knows who it was before Wash announced it.

"Wei, Ma."

"How'd you do it so fast?"

"What, Ma?"

"Find a buyer for the ranch; don't talk to me like you don't know what I'm sayin'."

"Ah. Ma, I just did, that's all."

"You ain't tryin' to pull a fast one on me?"

"Would I do that, Ma?" A pause, with a stern look from the woman. "Don't answer."

"I've already received the first half o' the payment...ain't too many folk'd do that without meetin' the seller first. You sure this guy is level?"

"Yes, Ma - stop frettin' about. You'll wear a hole in the floor in the kitchen."

"You'll tell Mr. Matnomis I'll be expectin' his wave then?"

"That I will."

There's a longer pause, filled with more hesitancy toward the subject.

"Heard 'bout Denton. I...I didn't even recognize 'im. In my own house."

Mal's eyes turn downward for a second, saying, "Sorry, Ma. If I could've..."

"Now you did what you had to, Malcolm. Don't ever be apologizin' for that. Just...I'll miss you."

Ma Reynolds waves quickly and shuts off her vidfeed, leaving the screen blank.

Mal heads off to find Simon.

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It's been eight years since Malcolm Beauregard Reynolds has stood on the Reynolds Ranch. Mal never came back to the ranch after Serenity Valley; too dangerous for his ma. Closest he came was to send a wave to David's parents after his body was shipped home.

Johnny Comes Marching Home Again Hurrah Hurrah

The willow by the porch of the small white house was larger than he remembered. Mal would have to check later to see if one can still tell where the bull's eye always hung for target practice.

We'll give him a hearty welcome then Hurrah Hurrah

The horses are still running around the paddock, ready to jump the fence and head off in between the trees just beyond; the cattle near the gated area behind the paddock seemed simply content to watch Mal and his crew arrive and step off the mule after rolling to a stop.

The men will cheer and the boys will shout The ladies they will all turn out

There is a hovercraft parked next to the front door of his mother's house. Mal's mother hates hovercrafts. Preferred horses.

And we'll all feel gay, When Johnny comes marching home.

Mal walked up the stoop and entered the unlocked door without knocking.


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