Jan. 23rd, 2012

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Mal finds himself actually...rather excited, for his field trip to Ambergeldar. It's been years since he has gallavanted off to another universe and he trusts Amy to keep him from making a fool of himself.

After leaving his gun with his mother in Milliways - something Sallie praised him for; "No need to bring guns into someone else's world" she noted - he follows Amy through her open door.

But somehow

they get separated.


It's a lot darker here than Mal expected. The ceiling of the room is inches from the top of his head, and the only light in the room comes from deep wall sconces that make crevices in the space seem deeper than they probably are.

Looking behind - no door back.

Mal reaches out to run his fingertips along one wall, following the path until the wall ends and opens up and out into a wider space.

A bedroom. A big one, with - Mal counts quickly - seven beds.

"What the good gorram."
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Author Note: Set immediately after Mal comes back from Milliways shenanigans.

Mal's door back to the ship always moves around. Usually it's to Inara's shuttle, but he can end up anywhere from the bridge to Jayne's bunk.


This go-round though, he's happy to not immediately show up in front of Inara. Instead, he walks out into the bridge and sits in the pilot's seat - just for a moment.

Not that he's stalling.


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