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Malcolm Beauregard Reynolds ([personal profile] badinlatin) wrote2009-10-01 11:07 am

A wave.

One of the problems with Mal's iPod is user error.

In that he's never truly bothered to jury-rig up a charging unit for twenty-first century technology on his boat, so as he is reclined in the pilot's chair in the middle of the night listening to something called a ZZ Top, he doesn't notice that his battery is running low until it's too late and he pulls the earbuds out of his ears with a mild curse.
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As it turns out, that insistent beeping noise wasn't just a problem with the headphones, nor was it a rather out of place synth effect. There's a little red light flashing on the console, right beneath the patient, black vidscreen.

Wave incoming.
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" - Wèi," comes the reply, sounding a little... surprised, perhaps?

Well, perhaps.

"Captain Reynolds?"
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There's a careful pause.

"I could ask you the same question. 'Cause if the answer isn't one I like, that puts us both in a pretty awkward position."
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"Fair," the voice says. "But I still don't think that's any way to talk to your Uncle Andy."
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"What," Crowley says. Even with an expression to go with the voice, it's hard to tell if he's annoyed or amused.

(It looks like him, only not. It looks like him; the other one. The one without the scar.)
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His own hand goes to his cheek, fingertips touching briefly against smooth skin there.

"Yes," he says.

Then, "I'm - about a month, I think." His gaze flickers briefly offscreen, and then back. "Nearly a month. Spent most of that getting here."

Visible behind him, when he half-turns to gesture: stone walls, a solid wooden desk, and a patch of sunlight in the shape of a window. On the desk, there are two mugs.
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"Southdown Abbey," he clarifies, looking a little bemused.

(The undertone is clear: where else?)
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Crowley's hand comes up again, before he remembers that he isn't wearing any sunglasses. It drops back down to the desk.

"Like you said. I'm even less a couple of scars."

He doesn't even have the tiny indents on either side of his nose.
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"Don't wake anyone up."

Barely visible along the bottom of the screen, Crowley's fingers tighten against the edge of the table.

Not, What time is it?

Don't wake anyone up.

"I mean. If anyone's... " He shrugs.
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As Mal turns his attention to the microphone, something sharp gashes briefly through Crowley's expression, the corners of his mouth twisting around the edges.

Gone; he doesn't say anything.

(Not that it'd matter if he did.)
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(Down in her bunk, River sits up sharply, staring at the door, just as the intercom starts to crackle on.

"Somebody's knocking," she says to the wall, blank and urgent. "They missed the underbrush."

Beat. Then she throws the covers back and she's moving, slapping the intercom as she goes.)

River's voice in the cockpit: "She's in transition." It dopplers slightly; River often forgets to stay close to the microphone.
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Simon's been having some trouble sleeping tonight, and is in the kitchen making tea when the intercom sounds.

He looks up, then carefully turns off the heat under the kettle and heads for the cockpit, leaving the mug on the counter.