badinlatin: (colorized gun)
Malcolm Beauregard Reynolds ([personal profile] badinlatin) wrote2014-09-23 09:12 am

Job: This really could have gone better.

Lilac is not Mal's favorite planet. It's not even Mal's favorite color, though he must admit the muted greys and purples floating behind his eyelids might be considered pretty were he not bleeding at the moment.

He had specifically taken the job alone. He's allowed to do that. One of the few perks he does have, all told.

(And he may have managed to turn off his tracking beacon in the shuttle after Inara threatened to follow him.)

The meetup to get the map and the passcodes for the warehouse was easy enough. The ambush to steal from the thief in order to save a few bits was less than expected. (Mal's fault, he knows. He should have known? What the gorram hell ever -- )

Shot, robbed, no tracking beacon - This really could have gone better.

But he's not wholly unprepared, digging a dented Milliways Security badge out from his back pocket.

(Walking through the door is actually a lovely shade of fuschia, he must admit.)

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