badinlatin: (redshirt)
Malcolm Beauregard Reynolds ([personal profile] badinlatin) wrote2015-01-01 12:45 pm

Mal-Simon (flashback)

HARBATKIN, R., Captain
Textwave - Origin: Praxed

Meet me at the bar? Nothing bad.


"I wonder what that's about," Inara asks, reading the textwave over Mal's shoulder at the galley table.

"No idea. Best go by myself though, in case the 'nothing bad' actually involves something bad."

"Simon would say if there were something going on, Mal."

Mal just cocks an eyebrow at Inara, "Yes, 'cause the lot of us always tell true on the Cortex."

Walking through the Milliways door at his old bunk, Mal doesn't have a feeling that it is something bad - for once.

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