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I had a conversation with Gabriel Tam that didn't make me wish I wasn't captain of this damn boat so I could drag him out back.

I can't run avoid him, so might as well attempt. Especially if press ever hooks onto where his children have been living. He may be trying to understand, but one thing I just don't think he's hooked onto is that I will never leave my ship, and what I do here. If Simon and River ever get exposed here, I will have to - can't imagine they'd leave me to my thieving when they see how I keep this ship in the air.

Had a nice talk with Nymphadora - I have no clue why she doesn't like her name - about a couple of things, when I went to go meet Anthony. Different perspectives help with things, sometimes.

Zoe doesn't need me to protect her child for her. Wash neither. But goddamn it if they can stop me.

Sinéad hasn't gotten back to me about a job to Muir yet. Letting me stew in my own juices. I'm so close to swearing off womenfolk contacts, I swear it.

Gabriel asked me why I joined the Independents. I almost wish I hadn't answered him truthful, as though he can use that against me now. Never mentioned Lilly or David - Kept it as simple as possible, for something so heavy as it was. Now if only I could figure out how to mask where my bars used to be on this rutting coat.

On the next page is a series of Mandarin characters, drawn in ballpoint ink.

The proceding page: Maybe I should get some more of that special ink from Dora's world - that way I don't have to hide this thing every time someone walks by. Something to think on I suppose.
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I've been staring at this journal that Samantha gave me for New Year's for about a month now; figures it's about time I try to use the damned thing.

Journal of Malcolm Reynolds, Captain of Serenity, Entry One.

Finding a damned job is harder than ever around in this quadrant. Can't even get ahold of Badger at the moment, not that I really want to anyhow. I did manage to get on the line a lady named Sinead out on Athens, interested in boring smuggling work. Sounds like the job for me. We'll have to see what happens - I apparently do not inspire the utmost confidence in women when they hire me for the thing.

Kaylee and Simon are disgustingly newlywed-like. I approve. They also seemed to like their presents, which worked for me, too. Me doing that surprised even me, to tell the truth. But it was time. I should probably ask Simon if he ever told River...not that he would really need to, but there's no harm in formalities.

Couldn't send any coin to Ma; fuel cells do tend to take priority. Hope she's faring alright, haven't spoken to her since the ceremony, an-----

On the next page:

Spilled ink on the damned page trying to hide it from Inara. Damn she's sneaky. More later when I'm not being watched. Don't want her to know too much, right?



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