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Name:Malcolm Beauregard Reynolds
Birthdate:Oct 26
Location:United States of America
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Malcolm Reynolds here. There's not much that need's explainin', so the important stuff is I captain a ship, name of Serenity, and if you've got some business needs doin', we're your guys.

*sharp jab in the ribs from Kaylee* Er...We're your people. Yeah.

Kaylee: "Have faith, Captain."
Mal: "Not today."

"The only thing Mal's the god of is internal melodrama." - Mu Ji.

"Oh Mal. How you maintain your dignity in the face of senseless, causeless betrayal." - [info]simon_doctor-mun.

Mal Reynolds is a character from Joss Whedon's ever-so-wonderful yet short-lived Firefly series. This journal is intended for use in the [info]milliways_bar community, and is [info]neenie's first time out, RP-style. Joss, I love you, but don't sue me. Please?

Physical Characteristics: about 6'1'', sandy-brown to dark-brown hair and brown eyes; basically everything about him (physically) screams cuddly...until your eyes drift down to the holster that never leaves his hip. If you see him in something other than a brown leather duster, be wary - he does *not* want to be wherever he is at the moment. Other Notes about Mal: As everyone else in the Firefly fandom, Mal Reynolds speaks Mandarin Chinese. Assume that he's cursing. Really, it's just easier for everyone. If it's a particularly long post in Chinese, it will appear as [insert English here]. Dong ma? :) For those who are amused by such things, you can follow the link right here to any translations necessary.

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Mal is Cap'n Mu Ji Tightpants Love

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