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It's been a quiet couple of days, but...not in so much a bad way, uncomfortable like the past several weeks have been. River and Mal were working on some new gadget or other, so when Mal comes up to the shuttle he's all grimy.
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Inara looks up from where she was putzing around on the Cortex, takes one look at him, and stands up immediately, her hand held up in front of her. "Do not take one step closer to that bed, while all gross, Malcolm Reynolds."
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"Well." She frowns at him, trying to find a reason to stay annoyed. It's not working. "You're still all dirty."

Fix this!
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Inara watches him for a moment before shaking her head and moving to fill the pitcher with warm water. She pours it into the washbowl, and takes a sponge off a shelf and places it in the water.

"All of my soap smells girlie. You okay with that?"
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"Just looking at clothes." She grins, moving to turn the monitor off on the computer. Turning, she leans against her desk, watching him, almost entranced by the movement of his hands and the sponge.

"What were you making such a mess of?"
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"You don't touch her with those hands." Inara points out, stepping forward, with another sponge, gesturing at his face. "You're just...covered in it. How do you get grime in your hairline?"
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She dips the sponge into the water, and squeezes it out, taking her time and never looking away from him. "Maybe."

Inara steps up close, pushing his head back with a tap to his chin, dragging the sponge against his hairline and along his jaw.
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"Hardly." She murmurs, sliding the sponge down his neck now, and then across his collarbone. "I have all my favorite stores saved for when my pesky husband interrupts me."
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"Oh, chivalrous today, are we?" Inara smiles, letting her hand still under his lips, water dripping down his chest from the sponge.

Her other hand trails down his cheek and she shakes her head one more time before leaning forward to kiss him.
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Inara pulls back and shoots him a look. "Since you smell all womanlike now what."

This sentence better end in promises you can keep, Malcolm Reynolds.
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"And other times you can't?" She narrows her eyes at him. Then shakes her head.

She's not going to let his silliness get in the way of this. "Since you smell all womanly, think you can afford to spend some time with me?"
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Inara steps back and drops the sponge into the water again. "Mal."

She gestures at herself, bracelets jingling as she does so. "What, do I need to dance naked for you to realize what I'm talking about?"
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Pursing her lips, Inara reaches for the zipper on the back of her shirt, drawing it down and then tossing the top somewhere behind her. Her skirts follow the same path, leaving her in only the wedge heels she wore and her underwear. Instead of dancing, she pushes a hand through her hair and sighs.

"There's no music."
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"Oh, good." She sighs in mock-relief, sliding her hands to grip his broad shoulders.

"So, Captain. Finally understand my meaning?"
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"Demure only gets you so far in today's world."
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"Yes dear. There are other things your mouth could be doing."
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Rarely has Inara been this blatant with anyone...but she knows that if it was indeed, with anyone, Mal would be the one to go for it, to understand and let it happen.

And he does. He gives her what she wants, the hard, wanting kisses, the hands everywhere, and even though she'd never admit it directly: the getting her dirty. She moans into his mouth, her hands plunging into his hair, tilting his head back to kiss him as he holds her.