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Mal-Simon (flashback)

HARBATKIN, R., Captain
Textwave - Origin: Praxed

Meet me at the bar? Nothing bad.


"I wonder what that's about," Inara asks, reading the textwave over Mal's shoulder at the galley table.

"No idea. Best go by myself though, in case the 'nothing bad' actually involves something bad."

"Simon would say if there were something going on, Mal."

Mal just cocks an eyebrow at Inara, "Yes, 'cause the lot of us always tell true on the Cortex."

Walking through the Milliways door at his old bunk, Mal doesn't have a feeling that it is something bad - for once.
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He might be right about that. For once.

Simon's waiting in a booth not far from the door, keeping an eye out for Mal. He looks ... well, he looks extraordinarily tired, but not at all unhappy about it.
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"Let me share the news first, and maybe a drink after that?"

He's smiling, wholly unconsciously.
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"We wanted you to be one of the first to know --"

He takes a breath.

"The day before yesterday, Kaylee gave birth to a healthy baby girl."
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Simon stifles laughter.

"We have a baby girl. A daughter. She's two days old."
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"Jessie," he says. "Jessamine. I ... don't have any pictures yet, but I can send you some later?"
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Simon has some guess as to what the question might be, given Mal's tone.
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"... well."

He's quiet for a moment; the arrival of the waitrat with the brandy makes it a slightly longer moment than he intended.

"It's not that it was a secret exactly, but ... after what happened last time, we didn't want to talk about it with anybody until the birth. We didn't even tell our parents."
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Another breath.

"I know." Quieter. "And I appreciate that a great deal. But under the circumstances ... this just seemed like a better idea."
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His smile returns. "Maybe I could bring you through to our house for a visit, sometime? When Kaylee's feeling up for it."
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"I'm honored," he says, very straightfaced.
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"We ... haven't told her yet." Slowly. "I'm not entirely sure that means she didn't know."
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"I'd like very much to speak to River next, yes -- if I could come through with you to the ship, or if you could ask her to come meet me here? And yes, we did mean for the whole crew to know, but ... nobody beyond that. Just yet."
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He shakes his head. "And I can't think of anything either, but it's good of you to offer. -- At least at the moment I can't think of anything, though that may be because I'm extremely short of sleep."

That last comes with a smile, the tiniest bit lopsided, completely happy.
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"She should settle into a regular sleep cycle at about ... three months," he half-mumbles, and rubs his forehead and eyes blearily.
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River doesn't hear everything that's said or thought on Serenity. Certainly not.

But she does hear plenty.

And sometimes Mal's talkative, without saying a single word aloud.

A tousled dark head rises over the back of the booth behind Simon's head.

"You're a jerk," River informs him. "You deserve lots of sleep deprivation."

But no matter how grumpy she's trying to sound, delight's bright in her voice, and it's written all over her face.
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He starts upright at the sound of her voice and twists to look up at her, startlement turning swiftly to reciprocal delight.

(With maybe a touch of guilt in there too.)

"Sorry, meimei. I was coming to tell you."
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River, with great and adult dignity, sticks her tongue out at Mal.

"Keeping secrets," she tells Simon. "Strategic use of the network. You're earning a mustache."

"I'm very annoyed at you."

But she doesn't sound annoyed. She sounds delighted, still -- a hushed, disbelieving delight.
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"Duìbuqǐ." It's a sincere apology, but he's smiling as delightedly as she is. "Do you want to come meet your niece sometime soon?"
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"It's a race," River informs Mal, in something of the same tone she might use to say I can kill you with my brain.


To Simon, emphatically, "Yes."
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"... I don't see any reason you couldn't both come at the same time," he tries to temporize. "And anybody else who would like to visit can take a turn after you."