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[For funsies] Um. Oops?

Author Note: Set immediately after Mal comes back from Milliways shenanigans.

Mal's door back to the ship always moves around. Usually it's to Inara's shuttle, but he can end up anywhere from the bridge to Jayne's bunk.


This go-round though, he's happy to not immediately show up in front of Inara. Instead, he walks out into the bridge and sits in the pilot's seat - just for a moment.

Not that he's stalling.
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Unfortunately for Mal, Inara was in a mood to wander the ship. She had stopped off at the kitchen for a cup of tea, and once that was done, she had started heading down the hall toward the bridge, intent on watching the stars a while.

She stops on the stairs, just watching the back of Mal's head for a moment.
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"Well, I wasn't trying to be." Inara says lightly, as she finishes climbing the stairs. "When I'm trying to be, you will never know where I am."

Sneaky ninja! Or not but you know.
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"Well, you were gone for a very long time." Inara says, her voice light, but she's turned away to look out the view port. "I started to worry that you'd run off to another world without telling me."

She quirks a smile back over her shoulder at him, but there was a shadow of concern there.
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Inara blinks, holding a hand up to stall his rapid speech. "...what?"
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"I want to be surprised." Inara frowns. "I truly do...but there's no way, that after all this time, Milliways is going to surprise me anymore."

She sighs, then comes to lean on the console in front of him. "Did you save the crazy princess?"
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"Well it sounds like you got one!"
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She shifts against the console, thinking her reply over. "Not mad, worried. Which, can instigate anger, I suppose, at times."

Inara glances to the side, her lips twisting into a sardonic smile. "Okay, most of the time. But it's you. When have I ever known you to not take risks, whatever the universe?"
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"Remember this when you're telling me I'm mean the next time I make you do something you don't want to do." She retorts.
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"You're not allowed to wash my silks again." Inara jabs a finger into his chest. "I had to throw out the last one you washed."
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Her smile is sweet, and tired. "At least a favor including the treatment of my clothing."
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"Malcolm Reynolds!"
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"I am entirely too proper to be having this conversation. On the bridge."

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Inara's smile grows a little pained. "I know she doesn't care. I like to pretend that if we keep such things to my shuttle, however, she doesn't know."

It's wishful thinking.
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She doesn't really resist, just a playful tug on his grip as she comes to settle herself in the pilot's seat with him--on him-- her bare foot coming to brace herself on the console in front of them.

"There. Sitting with you."
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She shivers at his nose, and sighs a little laugh.

"Because you're Malcolm Reynolds...and the 'verse likes to throw these things at you."
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"All the crazy is to remind you of how awesome the good things are." She snuggles back into him.
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Inara laughs. "Poor Captain."
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She shifts, squirming against his light fingers -- light fingers always tickle more.

Turning, she buries her nose in his hair. "Yes," Inara murmurs. "Poor, poor you."
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"Oh, zhàngfu" His hair tickles her lips as she smiles into him. "I love you, too."
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"Enough star-gazing for the night." Inara agrees, letting her feet reach the ground, so she can stand.

She holds out her hand for him to take. "Come on, qin ài de."
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Her head tilts back as she laughs. Inara tightens her arms around his neck and she kisses him soundly on the lips.