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Tequila's let him put a saddle on him, and full tack besides. He probably would have as soon as Mal bought him, but he never thought once about it. A thing's gotta heal (fixed) before it can be put to work again.

But here, out in the cold and snow, Mal's riding his horse. And that's all that matters.

"Take care of Tequila Halo; some of the best trails are on the far side of the lake, just so'ee know."

A walk, then trotcantergallop
Gabriel Simon Regan River dinh means father too

and horse and rider both panting, Mal reins in Tequila to a stop, where the trail divides between the deeper trail into the Dreaming and the trail that circles back around the lakeside.

Only one of these trails Mal can actually follow. Like usual, Mal thinks bitterly.

He hops off of Tequila, patting his neck before he receives a snort for his trouble. Mal smiles; Tequila was apparently ready for the exercise.

One would think, at least Mal surmises, that eventually everyone living on his boat will be happy with where they are in life. Even if that means---

"I'm sure you have learned by now just how well he takes to folk leavin' 'im."

Mal knocks the thought out of his head, and pulls himself back astride Tequila Halo.

Mal might, just for himself, call him Halo. Vaguely funereal, just like he names everything else.


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